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Categories There's something for everybody

New Talent

The group or individual scener that made their most memorable entrance in 2017

This category is for everybody who has either made a memorable entrance into the demoscene in the past year (with their first productions), or suddenly came to full glory in 2017 (breakthrough improvement, new platform or discipline)

Best Soundtrack

The production with the best soundtrack

There are a lot of talented musicians in the scene. Lets honor them.

Best Visuals

The production with the most beautiful and impressive art style, graphics, effects, modeling, texturing, color scheme, ...

The best art direction category honors demoscene productions that excel in the fields of design, direction and graphical talent. While previous scene awards have also honored these fields their impact has rarely been considered in a more holistic sense. In this context art direction concerns the overall visual appearance of a demo, how it communicates visually and how do these factors complement the concept of the demo. These productions are aesthetically significant even outside their demoscene context.

Best Direction

The production with the best overall cohesion, camerawork, atmosphere, pacing, story, ...

Direction is the art of choosing the right camera angle, the right framing, and getting the sequence and timing of scenes just right to convey a specific message, or evoke a specific feeling.

Outstanding Technical Achievement

The production that most dropped our jaws as it was previously deemed impossible

"Faking it" has been part of the demoscene forever. And faking it so convincingly that jaws drop is what this category is supposed to honor. It is all about making the impossible possible, and doing things that you would not believe your machine is capable of.

Best Low-End Production

The overall best production on a low-end platform

Best Small High-End Intro

The overall best production in 8k or less

Best High-End 64k Intro

The overall best production in 64k or less

Best High-End Demo

The overall best production between 64k and INFINITY!

there all different kind of ways to make a demo, you don't have to make it in one month, some take a lifetime to perfect. this is an award for groups reviving their on-hold projects, finally finishing them, new technologies found on very old platforms, or ports of old entries to new systems. To qualify, releases have to have some indication (in a scroller / an nfo file or otherwise) that they have been in the works for multiple years.

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